Five Beautiful Bratislava Instagram Accounts To Follow

Bratislava is full of insta-worthy spots, a delight for travellers, influencers and photographers alike! Here are the most beautiful and thought provoking Bratislava Instagram accounts in 2019!

As we leave with full hearts after a year in Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital city we are comforted by the fact that we can watch from afar through our favourite Instagram accounts.

20191023_094227_00005901324073115057685.pngWhat makes Bratislava so unique for us is its tenacity to be a trend-setter. It retains its traditions while opening up to the rest of Europe. While Vienna is only an hour away, Bratislava feels like a welcoming warm embrace in comparison. It may not have the grandeur of big capital cities, but it has authenticity. A unique history that thanks to the locals are now being more recognised.

Explore its magnificent baroque buildings, vibrant green spaces and tucked away find pretty little corners with chic cafés. Happen upon the city’s remarkable reclamation of old communist buildings and poignant street art. Most of all see it through the eyes of locals and we dare you not to fall in love, just like we did!

She Makes Me Travel

The brainchild of Slovak journalist Veronika (and sometimes her husband Karol) is this delightful slow travel, fashion and lifestyle account. Her photos are dream-like. She often opens up fantastic discussions alongside her photos and showcases the delights of Slovakia and its surrounding countries.



girl twirling in floaty dresswoman and man in a park

Follow power couple Veronika and Karol @shemakesmetravel

Diary of Monika

A gorgeous, fairytale-esque jaunt through Bratislava and other nearby cities and towns. Monika’s account is filled with picture-perfect moments, dreamy corners and fascinating facades. All serve to capture Bratislava at its best. If this doesn’t make you fall in love, we don’t know what will.

pink buildingtop_5_instagram_accounts_bratislava_follow_now_hoopla_adventues_2019_diary_of_monika_screenshot_20191019_1533025811970266822613533.jpgscreenshot_20191019_1531477461426221393253298.jpg

Follow the delightful Monika @diaryofmonika

Why We Travel

Karina and Martin are a young Slovak couple who reside in Bratislava for the time being. That is until they take over the world! They are a travel couple who also foray into fashion and lifestyle posts. They have an infectiously positive outlook on the world while showing off their home city in style.

girl and guy in a parkbratislava castle - top_5_instagram_accounts_bratislava_follow_now

Follow the lovely Karina and Martin @whywetravel_sk


This talented photographer covers all kinds of subject matters through her shots of Bratislava. Daniela has an eye for unique moments, angles and perspectives. From animals and people to spots around the city she encapsulates the beauty of everything big or small, in and around Bratislava.

autumn leaf and a church - Bratislava Instagram accounts to followseagulls on Danube River under bridge - Bratislava Instagram accounts to follow

Follow photographer Daniela @ d.bicanovska

Sustainable Bratislava

For something, a bit different this account by sustainable tourism student Nikoleta is one to follow. She set up this account as part of a dissertation project and opens up important discussions on sustainable travel with lots of tips. She advocates for mindful tourism and talks about the culture of Slovakia. Moreover, she has some lovely photos to illustrate her thoughts on various subjects.

Opera house in square - Bratislava Instagram accounts to followbaroque buildings on a street- bratislava instagram account to follow

 Follow the thought provoking Nikoleta @sustainable.bratislava

Final Thoughts

We will leave you with a beautiful piece of writing by Nikoleta from Sustainable Bratislava who told us exactly what it is that makes Bratislava so unique in the eyes of a local.

“There is not one thing that makes Bratislava unique in my eyes. It is the combination of history that seems to had been written by an artist rather than life, with energy coming from the young spirit of the city, with a beauty that transfers you into a better place instantly, and with diversity that allows you to travel the world without stepping out of your country.

Bratislava is a city that makes one fall in love. Many writers have tried to capture the feeling of love on paper since the Antiquity just like many writers have tried to capture the uniqueness of Bratislava. It’s an impossible task as there are no words great enough to describe the experiences both of those bring up within us.”

If you enjoyed this, check out our guest post for Sustainable Bratislava on sustainable travel in the city and our experiences and tips as ex-pats.

We have lots of local guides on Bratislava covering the food and drink scene, what to eat at a Slovak Christmas market and itineraries for travelling in and around Bratislava.

Follow our account for snippets of Bratislava @hoopla_adventures


21 thoughts on “Five Beautiful Bratislava Instagram Accounts To Follow

  1. This is a beautiful list of accounts to follow for Bratislava. I rarely come across accounts for Bratislava, hence I am surely going to follow them. I am heading to Eurotrip next year, and I hope these accounts be helpful when I head to Bratislava.

    1. They definitely should and you can always check our account too, we will keep up the Slovak content 😍 It was amazing to live there, I recommend visiting a wine town and castle while you’re there.

  2. I visited Bratislava once as a daytrip from Vienna several years ago. It’s a beautiful and really cute city, but so small! I can’t imagine living there for a whole year. These Instagram accounts look very pretty though and I’ll definitely check them out. I really like the sustainable tourism account, that is such an important thing nowadays, especially now that Bratislava is becoming a more popular destination.

    1. There’s so much to see, it’s just knowing what to do. It’s a small old town but it’s slap bang in the middle of wonderful nature and it’s got castles, small wine towns, a spa town nearby and in the city there’s lots of lakes, parks etc and the new town is a lot more developed now. We loved living here, really pretty and a good quality of life. You should give it another go one day 😊 and yes it’s so important to to think about sustainable travel now!

  3. I went on a day trip to Bratislava from Vienna. It’s a small city but I enjoyed it. I should have seen these IG accounts before going to have some picture inspiration. Did you live in Bratislava for a year?

  4. Very cool Instagrammers to follow, thanks for this list. I’ve never been to Bratislava but soon I’m going to change it. It will be nice to see which places are the most instagrammable there.

  5. I am constantly impressed by people’s Instagram accounts and how they can all capture such different stories from the same place. You can start to capture a whole picture by looking at different people’s accounts from the same area. I love the use of this platform and how you have combined them into one post.

  6. Bratislava is really full of insta-worthy spots, a delight for travellers, influencers and photographers. It is very difficult to judge which account to follow as all have beautiful clicks. I loved the colorful street with umbrellas from Diary of Monika account. I would surely look these accounts when I visit Bratislava.

  7. It must’ve been quite an experience to stay in this beautiful city for a whole year! The photos featured here are all beautiful, and this post has really put Bratislava on the radar for me. Thanks for sharing!

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