7 Hidden Spots In Bratislava: By Locals

From lakes to hiking trails this is our guide to Bratislava’s hidden spots and alternative days out!

Hidden spots in Bratislava give us a better insight into this historically rich city. After living here a year, we feel we’re keen to show you the city’s lesser-known sights. What we’ve found is that tourists rarely leave Bratislava’s old town, (except perhaps to go to Devin Castle). However, you are in fact missing the most fantastic elements of the city!

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Hidden spots in Bratislava: Miletičova Market

In terms of convenience, a trip to the supermarket is now the everyday norm.

Markets like Miletičova are a relic of a Bratislava before fancy shopping centres, hipster cafés and Tesco (albeit good for our Marmite & Irn Bru supplies).

With hundreds of permanent stalls, you’ll find fruit and veg vendors, butchers, florists, bakers, street food and wooden shack bars with cheap beer…hoorah!

img_20181128_151109_4957774452337524877077.jpg_Mileticova Market_Bratislava_Hoopla Adventures_2018
Buying some magic beans…
2018-10-10 078198851776410914020..jpg_Vietnamese_Mileticova_Bratislava_Hoopla Adventures_2018
Vietnamese food here is AMAZING

You’ll also find THE BEST place for Vietnamese food and a bowl of steamy Phô from family-run Phong Nam. This is also included in our article on the city’s best foodie spots!

Another speciality is the Hungarian deep-fried bread Lángos which is loaded with cheese and garlic. Not too far off from a deep-fried pizza – a Scottish chippy favourite!

As well as plenty of cheap, fresh produce there are pubs with outdoor seating and beer for under a euro! It’s exceedingly easy to get here using a bus or tram and for an insight into local life, it’s worth the trip.

Getting Here: Catch the 201 or 209 bus here or it’s a five – minute walk from Central Shopping Centre.

Hidden spots in Bratislava: Nova Cvernovka

Reclaiming old buildings and giving them a new purpose is something you see a lot of in Bratislava. Nova Cvernovka is a multi-arts venue and studios for local designers, artists and innovators, and was once a School of Chemistry.

Henry looking at photos on a wall-Hidden spots in Bratislava
Open Day (May 1st)
People outside a building with a sign that says May 1st-Hidden spots in Bratislava:
Outside on the busiest day of the year – open day!

Its grey exterior is misleading, inside you’ll find contemporary art exhibitions, cafés/bar, studio shops and a gig venue.

We also come here to attend a language exchange with Fluent Bratislava, so perfect for expats looking to involve themselves in the local community. It’s worth checking out their programme and enjoying what this cultural space has to offer!

Getting Here: Grab a No 3 tram from the city centre and get off at Nám Biely Kríž and you’re there!

Hidden spots in Bratislava: Železná Studienka Park

Did you know that a vast majority of Slovakia is still woodland?!

It’s a lush, green country and the best thing about the city is that it’s so close to the countryside. It has some amazing family-friendly parks.

Jenni on a flying fox - zelezna studienka park in Bratislava-Hidden spots in Bratislava
Adulting is for other people…
Chairlift….or hiking?

Železná Studienka is towards the back of the city near Patronka (a very busy bus stop/small station). It is so much fun for families or big kids like us!

It’s the perfect picnic destination with children’s play areas, a flying fox and plenty of things to climb. It has a stream to paddle in and various walking and hiking trails.

The park itself leads into Koliba at the foot of the Little Carpathians where you can visit another place on our list – the TV Tower. This can be done by chairlift or if you’re feeling extra fit – hiking!

We have spent hours here with friends, and it feels so far from city life even if it is just a ten-minute bus ride from the new town.

Getting Here: Get a bus to Patronka (No 63, 21, 212) and get the 43 bus or walk from Patronka for ten minutes to reach the playground section.

Hidden spots in Bratislava: Zlate Piesky Lake

Bratislava may not have a coastline, but it does have several easily accessible lakes. Translated as ‘golden sands’, this lake is one of the most popular lakes to go to in the city.

Peopel lying on blankets on the grass next to a big lake with paddle boats - Bratislava lake, hidden spots in Bratislava
Chilling between swims!
Girls sitting on blankets next to a paddleboard - Bratislava's hidden spots
Who is the palest of them all? Jen, of course!

For a small fee of €4, you can spend all day here, pay to paddleboard, rent a boat, do water sports. Alternatively, just chill beachside with a few beers or cocktails from the cocktail bar located behind the disused flume.

It does get busy at the weekend but what’s better than a swim in the lake to cool off in the summer sun?!

Grab your aqua shoes and dive in!

Getting here: The quickest way is to get the No 4 tram from the city centre towards Zlate Piesky and it’s the last stop!

Hidden spots in Bratislava: Botanical Gardens

For a relaxing few hours head along the Danube to Karlova Ves and find the university botanical gardens – the first of its kind in Slovakia! The entry fee is 3€ which goes towards paying for the upkeep of over 4000 plant species and the gardens themselves.

Jenni sitting by the side of a pond inside a hothouse with tropical plants - Bratislava's Botanic Gardens-Hidden spots in Bratislava
My peaceful place…
A tropical greenhouse with green plants and a pond with lillypads - Bratislava's Botanic Gardens (Hidden Spots in Bratislava)
Inside the tropical greenhouses

Inside discover the large pond, hothouses with tropical plants, a Japanese garden, a rock garden and lovely walks around the perimeter.

There are also occasionally events held here in the summer which is worth keeping an eye out for.

Getting Here: It has its own bus and tram stop ‘Botanicka zahrada’ which you can reach by bus or tram (No 4 or 9 tram, 32 bus).

Hidden spots in Bratislava: The Little Carpathians

In a previous article we named Kamzik TV Tower as a thing to do in Bratislava. It offers fantastic views across the city and over to Austria. Kamzik also marks the beginning of the Little Carpathians which are a low mountain range around 100km long.

Jenni in a blue dress standing in a woodland area - Bratislava Little Carpathians (Hidden Spots in Bratislava)
Inappropriate hiking clothes…just don’t care!
Henry smiling and sitting with a picnic in a green area - Bratislava Little Carpathians (Hidden Spots in Bratislava)
Picnics at Kamzik (TV Tower behind Hen)

There are lovely barbeque and picnic spots near the TV Tower and miles of woodlands walkways to enjoy.

For those looking for a more active holiday, this is the place to come for hiking, cycling, running and cross-country skiing in the winter!

The hills lead to various towns around Bratislava (Pezinok, Modra, Svaty Jur). In addition, to their beauty they are famous for winemaking. Perfect for a treat after all that walking or cycling!

Getting Here: Kamzik is a good starting position and at weekends there are buses which bring you here (Bus no 203 or 44 then on to the 144). If you go on a weekday you need to walk ten minutes uphill from the 203/44 bus stop.

Hidden spots in Bratislava: Stará tržnica (Old Market)

This is a venue in the old town, so you don’t have to go very far to find it! The old market runs a farmer’s market every Saturday, but it’s also a venue for lots of events in Bratislava.

Ice cream inside a chimney cake outside in the street market - Bratislava's Old Market (Hidden Spots in Bratislava)-Hidden spots in Bratislava:
The BEST dessert ever….. Chimney Cake!
A hall with people attending a craft beer festival - Bratislava's Old Market (Hidden Spots in Bratislava)
Craft Beer Festival (Inside)

We have visited Stará tržnica for farmer’s markets, flea markets, sustainability fairs, world food celebrations, street food park (once a month) and a craft beer festival.

It always has something happening and we are constantly finding new local businesses and innovative schemes through this venue.

Getting Here: Directly in the city centre, situated next to tram stop Nam SNP (No 9 and 4).

Hidden spots in Bratislava
The City History Museum and the old tower next to the Main Square

We hope this helps to open up Bratislava – we know how hard it is to find guides telling you about these things!

Make sure to check out our first-timer’s guide to Bratislava and our review of the Bratislava City Card with itineraries. 

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  1. We lived in Bratislava for a year and a half before moving back to Sweden in 2014. Most of the time we actually lived almost next to Miletičova Market. So I have fond memories of going there on weekend mornings to buy fresh fruits for breakfast. 🙂

    It is fun to see how fast the city is developing, there are so many new places to explore at each new visit. 🙂

  2. Thank you very much sweetie for sharing this lovely article about our country! Slovakia is such a stunning country, love coming home and exploring Slovak hidden gems 🤩

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