Bratislava Food Guide: By Locals

A local’s Bratislava food guide with where to get the best Slovak food, vegan bites and pancakes!

Welcome to our Bratislava food guide…

“What’s the price of a pint?!”

Says every Brit ever when we say we live in Bratislava…

With no other connection to this amazing city apart from being stag do fodder, it’s easy to assume it has nothing else going for it. That view of Bratislava is completely wrong!


Slovak food culture has one foot in the past with traditional carb-laden foods such as dumplings (pierogi), potatoes, steamed bread, stews and soups.

Though in the capital city, alongside traditional fare you’ll find it’s extremely vegan and veggie-friendly. You can eat well here, and it doesn’t cost too much to stick to a healthy diet.

Read to the end and we’ll tell you the price of a pint. Right now let’s look at our favourite foody destinations in Bratislava. We also have a non-food related post with 17 things to do in Bratislava.

As per usual, all opinions are our own!

Bratislava Food Guide: Brunch

Pán Cakes

We love a bit of wordplay and delicious carbs with our brunch and Pán Cakes has all of the above! The word ‘Pán’ is Slovak for ‘Mr’ therefore this translates to Mr Cakes.

Pancakes on a table and a flower-Bratislava-food-guide-local-guide
The pancakes are rather filling!

It serves up crepe style pancakes (palacinky) properly packed with both savoury and sweet options, like camembert, cranberry, rocket and honey mustard or Nutella and dark fruits. Don’t miss their homemade ice lollies or iced coffees made with ice cream.

The prices are also amazingly cheap making this the perfect all-round brunch stop!

Address: Suché mýto 4, Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava food guide: Traditional Slovak food

Slovak Pub/The Flagship Restaurant

If you want to try a bit of everything this is the place to go. It’s cheap and dare we say it…touristy, but the food is decent. It’s also the best way for us to sample the local cuisine.

Girls and Henry at a table with red tablecloth laughing-Bratislava-food-guide-local-guide
Is there a better advert for Slovak Pub than this?!

These sister restaurants are a 5-minute walk from each other in the city centre. If you arrive in the summer then The Flagship has outdoor seating and a microbrewery to explore, but the service is quicker in Slovak Pub.

A great idea is to go for the platter selections and try halusky (gnocchi in sheep’s cheese), pierogi dumplings and cabbage (sauerkraut) with ham. The garlic soup with cheese in a bread bowl is also divine!

Address: Obchodná 62, 81106 Bratislava (Slovak Pub)

Bratislava Flag Ship Restaurant, Námestie SNP č. 8, 811 02 Bratislava

Bratislava food guide: Best vegan food

Bemba Rawfood

Going into Bemba I (Jen) was sceptical of the raw food movement but this place is so innovative, and it has some delightfully original takes on meaty foods.

Raw Food Heaven

The pumpkin, marinated mushrooms, red onion, seaweed starter is a take on smoked salmon and the raw burger with zucchini, beetroot, onion, paprika, flax seeds and sunflower seeds is so tasty!

The salad selection is unbelievable. If you have room devour some raw chocolate or poppy seed and banana pancakes.

Bemba is in a shopping centre on the 3, 5 and 7 tram routes about ten minutes from the centre in the new town, but it is worth a visit for any vegans visiting!

Address: OD Slimák, Hálkova 1, Bratislava – Nové mesto

Bratislava food guide: Craft beer

Zil Verne

Beer is probably the easiest thing to find in Bratislava, but there are plenty of local breweries across Slovakia so it’s worth checking out the craft beer scene.

This cosy bar is easily found in the city centre. With a rotation of craft beers from all over the world and locally, this friendly bar is both geared toward the connoisseur and casual drinkers. They have their own brews too. They have a lager called “Veľký hrdina” (Big hero) and IPA “Vynález skazy” (Invention of a doom).


Nearby is another bar – family-run Pivovar Shenk which is located next to Stara Trznica. Their beer is unfiltered and unpasteurised, and especially lovely! You can sit in the square outside with a cold beer and it also has a vegan food stand (Foodstock) at the back of the bar which serves delicious gyozas!

Zil Verne: 13, Panská 245, 811 01 Bratislava

Pivovar Shenk: Námestie SNP 484/25, 811 01 Bratislava

Bratislava food guide: Vietnamese Pho

Miletičova market – PHONG NAM

Located in Bratislava’s new town (easily accessible by bus or tram) is Miletičova market. A local market with lots of fresh produce and a hidden delight that the locals know about but not many tourists!

Pho soup in a market-Bratislava-food-guide-local
The best Pho around!

There is a sizeable Vietnamese population in the city and there are lots of family-run places you can get Pho, but this place is the real deal. Phong Nam is inside an unassuming wooden shack at the back of the market, and it’s easily spotted by the queue.

The flavours are fresh and fragrant, cheap prices for a huge plate or bowl of food and the best we have had outside of Asia. Yes, that is a bold claim folks!

Address: Miletičova Street, Nove Mesto

Bratislava food guide: Asian Food


Another family-run Asian restaurant is Jasmin (Chinese) which has been a staple for Asian food, primarily Chinese, for years. It is located underneath the castle, so the location is perfect after a visit there.

Henry with Chinese food-Bratislava-food-guide-local
Taking photos of food and your other half, welcome the modern age!

Jasmin offers 5-star food and again it’s not very expensive. The helpings are huge but also beautifully presented. The skill that goes into making dishes such as their selection of dim sum, kimchi, ramens, hotpots and fried tofu is astounding.

On a recent visit our friend stated she got ‘hungrier with every mouthful’, it’s that tasty! It’s also great for anyone who is gluten-free as there’s so much choice.

Address: Chinese Restaurant Jasmin, Židovská 7, 811 01 Bratislava

Bratislava food guide: Coffee

Five Points

Such a difficult choice as there are so many fantastic options out there, the coffee scene in the city is very much happening! Just look at the full list of our favourite Bratislava coffee shops to see what we mean.

Coffee in a cafe-Bratislava-food-guide-local
Black coffee for Hen, flat white for Jen!

For us Five Points is handy as it’s located in the old town close to the Most SNP bus station, the service is friendly and the coffee tastes amazing. There is also loads of choice here in terms of various types of coffee and you can do brunch. The salmon and avocado bagels are especially good!

Address: Five Points, Panksa 23, Bratislava

Bratislava food guide: Gelato


Nothing says ‘the best ice-cream in town’ like a queue around the block, and this place certainly has that!


You’ll find Koun on Hviezdoslavovom námestí which is one of two main squares in the old town. This amazing wee place was opened by a local woman who went to gelato university in Italy! Her flavour combinations are spectacular.

If you want good craic with your service this is the place to go, the staff are always on top form and choosing a flavour is so difficult. If you’re lucky enough to see vegan candyfloss on the menu – go for it!!

Also, don’t be put off by the queue, it moves quickly and it’s the best gelato outside of Italy, we promise.

Address: Hviezdoslavovo námestie, 811 02, Bratislava

Bratislava food guide: Cocktails

The Velvet

It’s not all two pints of lager and a packet of crisps. You can go for a few sophisticated cocktails instead and this is our favourite spot to do exactly that.

Bar art deco style lamps-Bratislava-food-guide-local
All about Art Deco decor and a nice lamp.

The bar is separated into different sections with a cosy lounge on one side and a restaurant on the opposite side. The Velvet is art deco in style, reminiscent of a 1920’s speak-easy and if it could be described in one word, it would be – opulent!

Being very particular about our cocktails this place offers both variations on traditional cocktails and new and exciting recipes. As whisky lovers how can we resist ‘Skye Is the Limit’ – Talisker 10yo Whisky, Smoked Pine Honey, Apple, Supasawa, Barrel-Aged Bitters?!

No matter your tastes they will have something for you and the bartenders are both knowledgeable and a talented bunch! The cost might be higher but it’s lovely for a treat.

Address: Námestie SNP 30, 811 01 Bratislava

Bratislava food guide: Tea (and cat cuddles)


The ultimate place for lovers of our furry friends, and it’s just down the hill from Bratislava Castle.

Henry with a cat-Bratislava-food-guide-local
Hen the cat whisperer…

All of the cats in Mačkafé are rescued and the organisation work to find new homes for the cats they save. It’s a lovely experience sitting with a cuppa surrounded by lots of cheeky cats. Seriously if you have something with cream expect a paw to come out of nowhere!

It just makes us so happy in here and it’s all for a worthy cause.

Address: Bazovského 1811/11, 841 01, Bratislava

Bratislava food guide: Wine tasting

National Collection of Wines (Slovak Republic)

One thing that seems to surprise people is the variety and quality of Slovak wine, it’s fantastic and such great value for your money!

Wine bottle-Bratislava-food-guide-local-wine
Wine not?!

Located inside the Museum of Viticulture is a cellar with 100 award-winning wines from Slovakia and you can turn up or pre-book a wine tasting. These can be guided by a professional sommelier OR you can try 72 wines in 100 minutes making your way through the various grape varieties.

We’ve yet to try the latter option but we know it will be a good day! If you try one wine (aside from their famous fruit wine) go for a Frankovka Modra. This is a rich red wine, packed with stone fruit flavours and it’s something unique.

Address: Pražská 15, 811 04, Bratislava

Bratislava food guide: Lunch spot

U Kubistu

If you’re looking for inexpensive, fresh, local food for lunch that isn’t tailored to tourists then this is the place!

Chicken liver and pickled radishes
Chicken liver and pickled radishes!

Just round the corner from the Blue Church, you can find U Kubistu, a modern, laid back bistro with a focus on delicious local fare and the best homemade lemonade! Try some Slovak chicken livers with pickled radish and spelt bread, and don’t miss the socca bread with hummus.

Address: Grösslingová 2524/26, 811 09, Bratislava

Bratislava food guide: Local market

Stará tržnica

It’s a Saturday ritual to come to this farmer’s market for everything organic and ethically friendly.

Plants, cooking food, café
The market is on every Saturday!

The best thing about Stará tržnica is that it’s supporting local businesses, whether that’s farmers, winemakers, cheesemongers, honey makers, coffee roasters and artists/designers. The market is also extremely eco-friendly with stands dedicated to alternative (non-plastic) household essentials and beauty products.

During the summer you can also take advantage of the good weather and sit outside with a pint and grab some lunch from one of the street food vans!

Address: Námestie SNP 25, 811 01, Bratislava

“Ok, you’ve made your point!! What’s the price of a pint?!”

It really depends but generally a cheap pint is around 2 euros (it can be more).

Jen holding a pint and smiling
A cheap pint in our local market!

We hope we have whetted your appetite for a taste of Bratislava! Have a look at our coffee shop recommendations and our three-day Bratislava itinerary with more food spots for more inspiration!

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