Top 5 European Cities For Street Art

A closer look at five European city hotspots known for their street art.

Street art is now a semi-permanent feature in almost every city in Europe – well at least the one’s we have visited!

Whether it’s politically motivated, irreverent or good old fashioned self-expression, there is plenty to admire about this raw take on the world by street artists.

Here are our Top 5 European cities for street art;

1. Barcelona

In our Budget Guide: Barcelona, we highlighted street art as a cheap thing to do in the city. Who needs a stuffy art museum when you have some of the best street art in the world on every corner? World renowned Pez and Xupet Negre (‘The Black Pacifier’) have been more than influential in their field and have earned global acclaim for their work. When you’re in The Raval, follow the red dot.

2. Porto, Portugal

The home of Port and the most amazing tilework imaginable on the sides of buildings and inside the Sao Bento train station, which is now one of the most famous in the world for its hand painted blue and white tiles. This city has a lot to offer. From Hazul to Bordalo II this is a city that should be on your radar. Portugal’s capital city Lisbon has also been hailed as the epicentre for modern day street art – if you have time visit both!

3.Brighton, England

A seaside city with a colourful personality, this is Henry’s old stomping ground and one of our favourite places in the UK. From alley ways and power boxes to murals on the sides of buildings, this is a UK hotspot for street art. Banksy’s ‘Kissing Policemen’ was originally here in Brighton, now you’ll find a replica in its place.

4. Bratislava, Slovakia

Since moving here we’ve become aware of how recent communism and Soviet rule really had a hold of people who grew up here who now have families of their own. These kids and young people who have grown up in a freer society have taken to the streets to provide us with some extraordinary works of street art. Check out the Street Art Festival here.

5. Montpellier/Nimes

This is cheating a little bit but we’ve witnessed some pretty cool street art in France, especially in these two cities. While Nimes is smaller it has some of the best preserved Roman architecture outside of Rome and there is one street in particular that is wall to wall art. Montpellier isn’t too far, but is more of a university city with lots of art students and creative outlets. Let’s face it, France and art go hand in hand!

Honourable Mentions

Berlin, Germany

It was the hipster capital of Europe and it has the edgy street art to prove it.

Glasgow, Scotland

On the west coast of Scotland lies the country’s biggest city with murals galore.

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  1. Great post guys, love it! I am a huge lover of street art, simply enjoying in all those creations of amazing human creatives. I would only add Valencia to the list as the whole city is full of street art! If you want to check it, head over to my travel menu ! 🙂 Greetings to UK !

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