The Season Ends.

‘What’s this on my face?! Shining in my eyes!’

‘Oh that’s the sun’, explains Henry knowingly.

It’s the end of the season and we’ve left the small ski resort of Sainte Foy, now we’re sat with a selection of breakfast items from McDonald’s waiting on a bus.

Lost somewhere inside a hazy hangover my eyes escape the extreme dehydration my body is currently experiencing to produce a few tears.

It’s a sad thought leaving people who you’ve grown to really tolerate for 5 months. Working and living together, drinking in scuzzy bars and going up the mountain was life. Now it’s surviving in the big bad world.

Of course ‘tolerate’ is the wrong word. These people know my greatest fears and follow me on Instagram so I better be nice…


Work hard, play hard. I should have definitely have done this job when I was 18 but it’s nice to come back with life experience and be mother hen. Chante, sashay! Now sissy that walk!

Mountains are nice too.

Mother nature is a beautiful thing and altitude gets you drunk quicker so it’s more bang for your buck.

For those thinking about taking the plunge and doing a bit of seasonal work to travel or even make a life out of, absolutely do it.

Just don’t think it will be exactly like Chalet Girl. You might meet Olympic champions like the lovely Jenny Jones but you’re not gonna score whatever sweet deal of a job she got. It’s still pretty awesome though.

Now here’s a montage… play ‘Thunder in Your Heart’ by John Farnham for full effect.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As everyone went their separate ways we boarded a bus to Nimes to start another adventure, but I’ll tell you about that next time.

Peace out folks! x

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