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From the Highlands to the Alps, travelling on a budget – the seasonaire diaries!

Being an intrepid traveler isn’t always as easy as just taking off for a lot of people. For most of us we can look forward to a few hard earned weeks off a year, as is the norm.


The biggest obstacle as we see it is the cost of travelling and living a life on the road which isn’t cheap. You still have to eat, sleep comfortably and miraculously have enough left over for a beer or two.

There are many ways to make your way around the world and seasonal work is what we’ve settled on doing to fund our adventure. When the opportunity arose to spend six weeks in the Highlands working and living in a hotel in between summer and winter we took it.


This was rural living. An hour north of Ullapool lies the Kylesku Hotel. Sitting on a sea loch, the shellfish practically jumped off the boat onto people’s plate albeit through a marvellously talented kitchen.


We got there with a little help from a friend and were given a room in the staff house and got thrown into the hotel world. A crash course in how to upkeep a slick operation well known for its warm atmosphere and friendly demeanour.


We were incredibly thankful for this valuable experience, as our next destination called for this in abundance!

What we needed was to get out of the UK, start us on a trajectory of world domination. Ahem. Travel I mean…

We’ve started with a ski season in the French Alps at Black Diamond Lodge – a hotel/restaurant in Sainte Foy as managers.


The views are astounding, with peaks in every direction and snow like we could have only ever imagined. Snow shovelling is now a near full time occupation!

It’s funny coming to a new place, stepping into a world we’ve never experienced. Suddenly you learn of pistebashers and the ‘apres ski’ lifestyle. Things that had never entered into our consciousness are now everyday life.


We indeed relish the chance to learn and thrive in what is unchartered territory for us. It’s not without challenges, it’s a 24/7 lifestyle where work and the mountain are everything.

Let’s not romanticize living a life on the road as some kind of blissful affair. You still care about what goes on at home, you miss people. We’re independent people but even so it’s ok to be homesick or talk about home/friends/family while you’re away.

It’s also ok to struggle with your mind or emotions at times, that’s just living. Too often we get bombarded with this perfect notion of what it is to travel, lest we forget we all face times of adversity whether at home or 500 miles away.


Living in extreme or exotic places you should also expect to get sick and/or injured so insurance is a big thing. Make sure you have that and emergency Lemsips for colds. At current we’ve been brought down by more ill health in the last two months than we have in two years!

Not to fear though, it’s quite alright when you get to wake up to magnificent mountain views everyday and the opportunity to explore those peaks…


Working with accommodation paid for you in order to travel is a cost effective way to travel. We don’t all have unlimited funds to go on around the world trips or enjoy gap years but travelling shouldn’t have to be a pipe dream for those with less of an income or savings.

See our last article on how to get jobs in seasonal work places.

A life is no life at all if you don’t at least try to indulge your curiosities. If that’s travel then look for a way to do it and take a leap into the unknown.



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