The Inbetweeners – what we do when we’re not working!

So as you know by now we travel the UK in my grandad’s wee car, going from festival to festival where we live in our hand-me-down Vango tent. When we’re not in a tent we like to travel to see family and friends and places we’ve yet to discover!

Working a summer of festivals is full on and you will probably end up like me, huddled over my laptop and spluttering away. Minus the dreaded festival lurgy I would say that yes it’s tiring, yes it’s hard work but it’s all worth it.

The people you meet, the experiences you get and you get to see a band or two. However I would not depend on a job like this to see bands as you’ll most likely be four people deep at a bar or too busy feeding the five thousand.

The best part of the job is having that time in between and a freedom I’ve rarely felt. This summer has been spending time with family, friends and getting acquainted with our English neighbours (oooh the banter!).

Thank you to all of Henry ‘Captain Bluebeard’s’ family for giving us beds, hot showers and a home from home and to our friends for the same!

Here is the week that was…

Wallingford | Camden | Henley on Thames






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