Boardmasters 2017 – From Devon to Newquay, Cornwall

Last week we sampled the West Country life. It’s not all about cider and meat filled pastry. There’s traffic queues that will make you want to tear your eyes out in Exeter and endless twisty, windy roads so be prepared to add half a day on to your travel plans.

Despite the traffic we did eventually get parked in Exeter town centre and explored the quay area. There was a gaggle of geese, a bevy of swans, a team of ducks and one human with lots of bread. We were also attacked by a swarm of wasps who seemed rather enticed by our car.



We then took ourselves up to camp in a field under the stars, drinking Prosecco by the pint. True romance right there. At least it would be if you could see the stars…


We took the scenic route to Cornwall as we snaked along the back roads to Newquay for Boardmasters Surf and Music Festival. Arriving early we were soon to find out our food van wouldn’t be ready until the Friday so we took time to be tourists and sample Newquay life.

Like the decadent travelers we are, we ate oysters at The Boathouse restaurant washed down with some Cornish cider and watched the waves crash over surfers as they grappled with their boards in the strong winds.



With work looming we took the opportunity to tackle the flumes at the local swimming pool and get a wash in before three days of greasy, hot kitchen work. Fortunately work was made significantly better by being placed right next to the main stage. We didn’t miss a thing!! This did mean however, that Captain Bluebeard, (now odd green colour on account of the chlorine) was subjected to another dose of Lethal Bizzle and Stormzy.


On the other hand we did have the enjoyment of watching Flaming Lips cascade over the crowd in their big hamster ball, Jamiroquai’s wacky hat, Ziggy Marley and Alt J do a pretty boring close to a festival. Don’t get me wrong a great festival, set on a cliff in Cornwall with glorious beaches but they weren’t exactly an inspired choice for closing headliners.


Samsung also had a very underwhelming giant cube thing with mirrored floors that was supposed to be an ‘immersive experience’ but was really just a massive waste of time. I’m sure the expense of the cube could have went to a good old fashioned fireworks display at the end of the festival!

*rant over*

Visually you couldn’t really beat what nature had to offer. It was all about the beaches and camping on a clifftop was definitely something to tick off the bucket list. The demographic was mostly young teenagers, more so than most other festivals. Without parent supervision lets just say it was a bit like the Rugrats went for a night out on the San Antonio Strip after someone had spiked their milk bottles.

Surfers Against Sewage

Cornwall has a beguiling beauty. There’s so much to explore, we couldn’t possibly do it all. It just proves once again, my heart is with the sea.


This week we went full metal hipster with a visit to Camden, London… will post the photos soon! I have to get packing for Rewind South…. now where’s the hairspray?! x

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