Halfway House – West Sussex & Brighton Pride

How lovely it’s been to visit Captain Bluebeard’s family and for him to be at home. With only a day’s work under our belts this week it feels like a bit of a holiday!

Mum has given us a beautiful summer house in her garden and a cosy home for the week while we explore West Sussex and all it has to offer.


Our little Suzuki Wagon is enjoying the sea air as we whizz around Brighton, Chichester, Goring-On-Sea, Worthing, Arundel and High Salvington Windmill.

At just under 1600 miles our trusty companion will have to suffer us a bit longer. It has also been brought to our attention that we really should name the car. If any ideas come to mind be sure to send them through!

This weekend we worked at Brighton Pride which went by in a bit if a rainbow coloured blur!

Situated next to the main stage we were three deep at the bar all day. On the brightside Hen got three phone number requests. Wait for it… (cue music), “All by myself… don’t wanna be all by myself.”

I did enjoy not being eaten by Alsations a la Bridget Jones style and instead boogying to the Pet Shop Boys.

An amazing crowd and while they all partied into the night we collapsed into bed with a cuppa. You know, just living the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, the kids can’t keep up with us!

Photo by Eddie Mitchell – http://be-proud.org/event.php?id=409

Still a couple of days to go with adventures and picnics to be had with Hen’s godchildren and bestie and maybe a night at the Komedia in Brighton to distract me from missing out on this year’s Edinburgh Fringe! X

Next up – Longleat Safari and Devon before Boardmasters in Cornwall.

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