Mud, Glorious Mud! (Secret Garden Party to Kendal Calling)

Kendal Calling was the muddiest adventure to date.

The one thing about travelling the country while still technically at home, is that you have friends and family all over who will put up with your pungent post-festival smell.

It’s a unique smell that permeates the nostrils of others. Fortunately a serious lack of vitamins has led to blocked noses and myself and Captain Bluebeard (as Hen is now known) have developed a serious case of nose blindness.

Now, it’s not only the smell. We have mud on our little Suzuki Wagon R from all corners of the country and we left behind what looked like lawn clippings in poor Hen’s dad’s washing machine.

Unfortunately his dad has had to put up with us again as we make a pit stop on the way to Brighton. And boy, Kendal Calling was the muddiest adventure to date.

Photo by Nick Wesson, Efestivals


A 30 minute walk from staff camping to our bar might sound ok but throw in an unofficial ‘Tough Mudder’ assault course you really do earn that food voucher waiting for you at sign in.

This week was back to smashing it on the back bar and pouring pints right next to the main stage. We didn’t miss a thing, we got to watch the legs of Stereophonics, Manics, Happy Monday’s, British Sea Power, Kate Nash, Brian Wilson and the tip of Seasick Steve’s legendary beard.


Being the music lover and self confessed snob I am I couldn’t have asked for a better soundtrack to get me through a 14 hour long daily slog.

From Feeder to Franz Ferdinand it was the music of my youth! The Beach Boys (under the name of Brian Wilson’s Pet Sounds) were a blast from the past for Captain Bluebeard. Which is the kind of cheeky remark you can make when you’re the one doing the writing…… hahaha Henry!!

While future Jenni looks forward to a dose of tickle torture for pointing out Hen’s age it’s worth noting that yes we are a bit older than the majority of staff. Mostly that entailed telling everyone who bands were and them telling me how excited they were for Tinie Tempah while I groaned about chart music these days.

For once I wasn’t the token Scot and was among my sisters and brethren once again. Colonel Mustard and the Dijon Five also brought us some peace, love and mustard from Scotland.

I really do miss that beautiful country but at 1300 miles but we’re only a month or so away from returning. Although with job interviews to work in China it could very well be a flying visit home!

Kendal Calling was a muddy extravaganza with lots of charm and a stellar line-up. Next up is Brighton Pride and back to Hen’s hometown to stay with his mum.

No more muddy fields for a good while, just rainbows and glitter!  X

Manic Street Preachers by Charlotte Welling, Manchester Evening News 2017





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