Sofia Food and Drink Guide – Bulgarian Independents

Bulgaria's capital city is undergoing immense transformation and has seen a rise in independent food and drink establishments pop up in the last decade. From craft beer to vegan food, this cultural shift is revitalising the Sofia food scene. Discovering food in Sofia A summer in lockdown made dining out or grabbing a quick coffee [...]

Discover Sofia’s City Parks and Gardens

After a summer in Bulgaria, Sofia’s city parks and gardens are where we fell in love with this city. We're drawn to the serenity of a beautiful garden or a peaceful walk in the park. Sofia has a good number of parks to enjoy for brisk snowy trails in the winter or summer strolls. It's [...]

A Guide to Bratislava Day Trips in Slovakia

As we've often touched upon, Bratislava is framed as a one-day city destination. Yes, its capital is close to Vienna, but why not spend more time getting to know Slovakia? There are plenty of Bratislava day trips that don't involve crossing the border! Whenever we say we lived in Slovakia, varying reactions range from genuine [...]

The Kingdom of The Goose

Slovensky Grob is a village just outside of Bratislava which hosts the annual Kingdom of the Goose Festival every September. This is our story of its origins, our experience and a story about opening ourselves to a new culture through food and burčiak! A Slow Travel Story: Slovakia's Kingdom of the Goose Festival We arrive [...]

Insider Guide To Banská Štiavnica – Slovakia’s Prettiest Town

A year on from living in Bratislava, we want to take you on a journey to all the places we didn't get around telling you about, starting with Banská Štiavnica. Slovakia's prettiest town! The title bestowed upon this town is entirely apt. It lies in a valley, created by a volcano, deep in the Štiavnica [...]

Ways To Learn English Effectively!

There are many ways to learn English, and it's all about practice. We've created this teaching resource to help English learners and teachers alike. We want articles that give solid practical advice. These are things we've found difficult to research or tackles issues that we encounter as teachers. Ultimately we think these tips will better [...]

House Sitting Crisis – What Happens Now?

There is a full-time house sitting crisis. House sitters across the world are in the position of being homeless, including us. Without sounding either melodramatic or like we're looking for sympathy (this is, of course, the danger of life on the road), it's thrown the sitter world into turmoil. With nobody travelling, there are no [...]

A Mindful Neighbourhood Guide To Edinburgh

A mindful guide to each area of Edinburgh for tourists, expats and residents with local recommendations to do at your own pace.